Buying insurance for your car on a temporary basis

With temporary car insurance, you have the option of setting up cover for a vehicle without needing to sign up for cover for the entire year. Obviously, this option doesn't make sense for everybody. Why would you only want car insurance for part of the year? The answers to that question are quite numerous.

First of all, there may simply be levels of cover that you will only want during certain parts of the year. Suppose you have a car that you can't drive during the winter? Does it make sense to insure the car if you aren't driving it? No, so why pay for it? With temporary car insurance, you can insure the car for the warmer months, and let the car sit in your garage, uninsured, while the streets are buried in snow.

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How about a rental car? Yes, rental cars come with insurance, but are you comfortable with the level of cover that comes with the vehicle? If you actually look it over, you might find that you aren't. If nothing else, there's the simple fact that most of these policies only cover one driver. If you borrow a car just to take it on a long trip, are you really going to insist that you be the only driver. Unlikely. More likely, you'll be begging the other passengers to start driving a few hours into the trip. With a temporary policy, you can sign up for a policy that will cover anybody who drives the rental car. A temporary policy has the ability to last only one day if you want it to.

What if your car breaks down? It does happen. You might need to borrow a car from a friend. What would happen if you got in a car accident while you were driving your friend's car? Would you want to be held liable in this situation? Probably not. Temporary car insurance offers a way out of this. While your car is being repaired, and you're driving your friend's car, you can sign up for a temporary car insurance plan. It won't affect your other insurance plan, and you can rest assured that you aren't risking your friend's car while you drive it.

Temporary car insurance may also be a simple aspect of your cover that you want to add. You don't have to purchase an entire auto policy. Are you signed up to protect your car from hurricanes? If you are located in a place that commonly experiences hurricanes, this isn't a bad idea. Then again, hurricanes don't happen all year round. They usually occur during hurricane season. Why pay for insurance to cover your car from a hurricane that won't happen during that time of year? You don't have to. You can save yourself a great deal of money by switching this over to temporary cover. You won't be exposing yourself to too much extra risk by doing so, and the savings will be well worth the effort.

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